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Monads, Vector Spaces and Quantum Mechanics pt. II

I had originally intended to write some code to simulate quantum computers and implement some quantum algorithms. I’ll probably eventually do that but today I just want to look at quantum mechanics in its own right as a kind of generalisation of probability. This is probably going to be the most incomprehensible post I’ve written […]

Monads in C pt. III

OK, the last C monad example: typedef struct { char *string; int value; } WriterInt; WriterInt returnWriter(int i) { WriterInt r; r.string = “”; r.value = i; return r; } WriterInt bind(WriterInt (*f)(int),WriterInt x) { WriterInt y = f(x.value); WriterInt z; z.value = y.value; int len = strlen(x.string)+strlen(y.string); z.string = malloc(len+1); strcpy(z.string,x.string); strcat(z.string,y.string); return z; […]